The main reason why Western civilization lacks Spirituality…is that it has given priority to economic and technological development over human and community development.

Grace Lee Boggs 1915-2015
  • Vision

    I envision a world without digital distraction. I see a possibility for machines to augment our most important senses – our sense of empathy, our sense of motivation, our sense of spirituality.

  • Process

    I bring insight from the world sustainable development, in particular the Asset-Based Community Development model. I’m also versed in several design approaches, like Human-Centered Design, Google Ventures Design Sprints, UX Research. My background as a musician and artist also contributes to my perspective.

  • Philosophy

    Our current digital world is misaligned with deep human biological and spiritual needs. It is a world that incentivizes immediate stimulation over contemplative decision-making; external stimulation over self-reflection and peace-of-mind. Forthcoming commercial developments in augmented reality, machine learning, and affective computing have the potential to further this misalignment.

  • Opportunity

    However, correctly designed, these emerging technologies have the potential to help humans better focus on their deepest needs. UX/UI designers should play a proactive role in shaping these new computing platforms, and in so doing help to reclaim the human mind from the detriments of digital overstimulation.


  • Design

    • Unity
    • Illustrator
    • Sketch
    • Photoshop
    • AxureRP
    • Cardboard SDK
    • Oculus SDK
    • Leap Motion SDK
    • Vuforia SDK
    • Maya
    • Blender
  • Development

    • Javascript
    • C#
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Sass/LESS/Grunt.js
    • jQuery
    • SQL
    • R - R Studio
    • Node.js
    • Python
  • Audio & Multimedia

    • Ableton Live
    • MaxMSP
    • Processing
    • Logic Pro
    • OpenCV
  • Presentation

    • Powerpoint
    • Keynote
    • Final Cut
    • Adobe Premiere