Echoes is a performance art piece exploring the impact of mobile phones on
 human-to-human interaction.

Produced in 2012, it was presented at Northwestern University as part of Boomshaka’s mainstage production
 Break the Chain.


  • Act I

    Act I depicts a primal rhythmic gathering, which gradually dissolves as performers are interrupted by incoming text messages. Performers text audience members from onstage. As the audience receives text messages, their experience of viewing the performance is interrupted – they are drawn into an
unexpected interaction with the artists.

  • Act II

    In Act II, additional drummers file into the aisles, restoring the audience to an environment of immersion and focus. Dancers depict archetypal poses of greeting, stargazing, grieving, embracing. Continuity is jarringly interrupted, again by cell phone interactions: the stargazer looks away from the sky and down to her device; the embracer takes a step back to check an email. Viewers are yanked in and out of a pleasing, immersive performance by these moments of phone-checking.

  • Act III

    Act III continues a production-long narrative as the show protagonist speaks with an unknown caller on his phone. Ambient music in minor tone leaves the commentary unresolved.

  • YouTube

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  • Year

    • 2012

    Performing Group

    • Boomshaka
  • Roles

    • Choreography
    • Composition
    • Direction


    • McCormick Auditorium
    • Northwestern University
  • Video Provided By

    • Ian Holden

    Photo Credit

    • Amelia Bell
  • Cast

    • Aaron Faucher Writer, Director
    • Zachary Hyman Featured Performer
    • Paul Marino Poetry, Spoken Word
    • Other Performers