Challenge How can we integrate the power of conversation into AR/VR experiences?
Solution Wit3D is a Unity C# utility that helps developers build dynamic conversational flows for AR/VR environments.
Context Personal Project Role Unity Developer Year 2016

Conversational interactions are well suited for AR/VR experiences.

Voice is one of the most natural means of interaction, and conversational interfaces will play a significant role in future UI design. I built the Wit3D C# utility to give designers the power of natural language processing in their AR/VR applications.

Wit3D allows Unity, the industry-standard AR/VR interaction suite, to interface with – Facebook's natural language application platform. is a powerful NLP engine that allows developers to create voice-controlled applications. Intents and entities are trained by the developer using's web interface. Voice commands originate in Unity, the API parses the audio to understand intent, and returns this intent to Unity in JSON format. Wit3D helps to manage this process.

Wit3D allows for more nuanced intent parsing and handling than traditional voice-command APIs.

As mixed-reality objects become more common, users must have the ability to interact with these digital objects intuitively. Wit3D is an early attempt to bring the power of conversational UI into the world of AR/VR design.